#4 Three things I want to accomplish this year

07 Jan

Call it new years resolutions, call it goals. The thing is, I hate it! I hate it because I sincerely doubt my own character and strength to go through it! So that’s why I go easy on this one. If I should state 3 things I want to accomplish this year, it would be:

    • Read 12 books
    • Romance my wife 26 times
    • Write 52 blog post

    Read 12 books

    Well, everyone seems to go for like 212, 100, 52, some number matching the year we’re in, the magic 100 or the amount of weeks on a year. I go for the amount of months, with 2 small children, lots of work and a wife, who’s love language is “time together” – I think, I just might reach this one.

    Romance my wife 26 times

    Some might say, I should romance my wife every day. I believe that’s for armatures to do so. First, you’ll burn out, life is not a Hollywood movie, it’s for real! Real kids that’s alive, real job that takes time, real bodies that needs sleep and food – so I can’t do romance all the time. Secondly, if you use perfume every day, people around will not notice, use it at special occasions, they’ll think you smell awesome. Same with romance, have a daily loving relation, and then set time apart for romance her. Then she’ll notice and appreciate it. So 26 times – you got it, every 14th day.

    Write 52 blog posts

    To be honest, I can’t write every day. I find writing hard, I want to, I’ll train, but for now I’m a learner. It might come out with more, but I won’t break my neck on this one. In extend of that, english is not my first language. I’ll go for reading my books and bible in english this year, go for writing my post in english – and then I expect to improve my language.

    So, that’s my 3 new years resolutions! Looking forward to look back on 2021, and have done this.

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