#5 Nathan is no Satan

07 Jan

So looking at Capt. Sobel from “Band of Brothers” (and admitting that his the character I identify most with), is he all that bad? Capt. Sobel has his own blind spots, he’s good at something, good at training people, making them give the best they got, preparing them for the real hell at the battlefield. He is making the best company in the army. But he suck at warfare.

And he doesn’t even see it. He got himself a very big blind spot and  no one is telling him about it. Being to proud, blind (or to stupid) he ends up i a parachute training school for doctors and priests just before the battle begins. And maybe that’s the lesson to learn, I got blind spots, things I suck at, behavior that’s wrong. But if someone told me about it, and I wasn’t to proud to listen (that’s actually the hardest job), I could repent, I could chance what I do or I could resign.

It reminds me about the story about David and Bathsheba from the bible (2.samuel 11-12). David had an affair with Bathsheba, in his feeling of being invincible he get’s her husband killed so he wont tell and marriage the girl (who now is pregnant).Then Nathan show up, and with a story he tell the king, that he has sinned. David had got him self a blind spot, Nathan is no Satan, he tells the king and the king repents. Nathan is a real friend, many people at the castle must have seen, generals and advisers must have been talking in the corners. But Nathan is the one true friend at the palace.

I’m quite sure God put my wife as Nathan in my life. She points things out to me in a very direct way, and I get angry, frustrated or go silent into my mancave – until I realise that she is right. Well, she doesn’t always deliver the message with the same wisdom as Nathan did, but then again, Nathan probably prayed for his encounter several days, if my wife should do that, she would pray al day long :-).

So how could Capt. Sobel become better? By listening to what wise people, that loves him, tells him about his blind spots (sadly, no one seems to love him). Man, I would love to be better doing that. Listen, not getting angry, not complaining, listen! Cause I don’t want to be Capt. Sobel. I want to be Lt. Winters.

So, who is Nathan in your life, and do you remember to tressure that person and the insight you’re being told about your blind spots?

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