#3 No one wants to be Captain Sobel

06 Jan

Three miles up, three miles down! Currahee! – Capt. Sobel, Band of Brother

In the first episode of Band of Brothers, Capt. Sobel is the hard and endless yelling captain, that put’s his men into a training programme making them the finest company in the airborne army. He is hated by his men, but is shaping them into the finest warriors. Right until we reach military tactic training, then the men realise that their captain will lead them into the certain death.

No one wants to be Capt. Sobel! Every man wants to be Lt. Winters, the man who is firm in his principles and virtues, who’s not stealing, lying or swearing, who never retreats or show weakness when he is between a rock and a hard place (at least in this first episode), who’s silent when it’s wise, but taking the court-martial when it’s necessary to protect the values he belive in. Yes, everyone  wants to be Lt. Winters.

But to be honest, I often feel like I’m Capt. Sobel! I find myself saying the right things, telling my pupils what to do and when to do is, because they will benefit from it later in life. Pretend to be mad at them for breaking the rules, not going to bed at night and so on. And yet, when it comes to real life combat, setting goals, reach them, not follow into what all men do, but doing whats right, I’m a failure and I don’t think anyone wants to follow me. I’m no Lt. Winters, not at all, but I’ll start praying and training to become more like him. That sounds like a good new year resolution.

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