#2 It’s what had to be done.

04 Jan

So the other day, I had my kids for the library and then home to sleep, my wife is out spending money in the post-christmas-sale and I, I had some time for my self. Enjoying my christmas present “Band of Brothers” in a nice thinbox wrapping. Sitting with my coffee and some leftover christmas chocolate, I’ve watched the first episode “Currahee”. And it stunned me, not the training, not the plot of the episode, but these old men in the beginning of the episode, telling about their situation, their nation at war, their options as young men. One quote stroke me.

I did things. I didn’t do them for medals or accolades. I did them because they… It’s what had to be done.

Something just has to be done – not for fame, not for glory or a public solute. What would I do in that kind of situation, what kind of excuses would I come up with? I have children. I’m to old. I’ve done my part paying through the taxes. It does sound lame, right?

But still, that’s the kind of excuses I come up with, not that my country is in war and need me. But I come up with excuses for not doing the things, that I know is right to do or urgent to be done by somebody. If there is no reward in it for me, no glory, my motivations is equal zero.

And here is a group of young men, risking their life for the sake of world peace, knowing they won’t get any rewards, fame og medals, some even committed suicide, because the army rejected them. That’s the kind of moral I want to have, standing up for what is right, risking my life for the course of greater good, not focusing on what’s in it for me – but doing things, because it’s what have to be done.

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