#1 A new blog has come to life

01 Jan

First day in the year 2012, the year I’ll turn 30. I still feel somewhat undefined in my manhood – not at mess, just undefined. So I decided to take my journeynotes to the internet, to this little place of mine (thank you WordPress, for letting me have this). Maybe I hope to  find some kind of online brotherhood, some kind of feedback, guide, enlightening. Maybe I hope not being the only one searching for a definition of manhood ind the 21st century postmodern-mixed-up-world.

Bye the way – my family gave me “Band of Brothers” for christmas present. I’m looking forward to revisit that tv-show, last time I saw it, was with a friend of mine, it took 2 nights and I remember the feeling of something heroic, but I don’t remember each episode. That will be one of my blog-quest, to write my thoughts about “Band of Brothers” and manhood.

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